Water Tanks

Buildpro have a premium range of water tanks available to suit every possible scenario. Whether for the existing household, new build - tank to toilet system, business, farm or ute set-up, check out Buildpro's extensive range of versatile water tanks.


    Our Round Rural water tanks are for the farmers, breeders, market-gardeners, nurseries and acreage-owners amongst us. They?re tailor-made to see you through the dry spells, even in the face of serious water consumption or irrigation requirements.


    When space is at a premium, a slimline tank is your very best friend. Especially one from Buildpro. Our slimlines are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible. To blend ? and fit ? right in. Of course, they still hold their own when it comes to water storage; they can hold anywhere from 495 litres to 5,000 litres each!


    If you have a big yard, expansive gardens or a pool (or your kids just love the sprinkler!), a Round Urban tank might be the most appropriate solution. They look great, they're surprisingly compact, and they're available in a wide range of sizes and colours. So you're sure to find one that blends in perfectly.


    The weather never gets any kinder to a farmer, so it's nice to know technology can occasionally lend a helping hand. Our range of hexene copolymer resin ute tanks make it surprisingly easy for you to haul water where your stock needs it most. Available in sizes from 495 litres up to 810 litres, they're tough and UV resistant, and come with a convenient screw-top lid, so cleaning and filling is a breeze.