Wall Systems

Buildpro's range of exterior wall systems can basically be broken down into two categories - building application or fencing. Hebel PowerPanel and Uni Base Board are both suitable for residential and commercial building applications (products that can be used as an alternative or worked in with traditional bricks or block masonry designs). Buildpro's fencing wall system range includes Hebel Powerfence - an option when looking at boundary fencing and Hebel Soundbarrier - an option when looking at eliminating external noise emanating from roads, freeways, railways or industrial sites.


    Polystyrene Cladding Lightweight Wall Cladding Systems by Exsulite Introducing the Exsulite? EIFS Cladding System by Dulux? AcraTex?, the quality and technology you should expect in a lightweight facade system, from breathable wall wrap and polystyrene panels through to the weatherproof coating. The Exsulite Thermal Facade System by Dulux AcraTex changes building dynamics offering a fully integrated polystyrene wall cladding solution from a single trusted supplier. Exsulite is a cavity system suitable for residential and multi-residential construction projects. It can also be used as a remedial facade System for renovation projects when used as a direct fix system. AcraTex is a pioneer in the use of EIFS systems, designing and installing lightweight cladding systems specifically for insulation benefits as originally pioneered in Europe. Exsulite offers surveyors, builders and their clients a fully certified BCA compliant Polystyrene Facade System incorporating the best practices and materials used by top installers and renderers in the building industry. You can expect the following features from Exsulite: ? Total Facade System Specification ? Cavity Design Moisture Management System ? Energy Efficiency to 6 Star rating ? Fully Certified and BCA Compliant System ? Integrated AcraTex Finishing System delivering the final weatherproofing building envelope for barrier protection ? Efficient high 'R' rated insulation value ? Latest on trend colours and texture finishes providing a high thermal performance walling system ? No Component Substitution ? Quality of Assurance with a Certificate of Installation from an Exsulite Trained and Registered Installer Exsulite offers a totally integrated system from start to finish because of the single source supply of components and the unique Dulux Registered and Trained Installer Network.


    Hebel PowerPanel. CSR Panel Systems has developed Hebel? Wall systems for Residential, High Rise and Commercial applications that harness the benefits of lightweight construction where thermal, acoustic and fire properties and energy efficiency are desired. Hebel? external wall solutions are an ideal alternative to brick veneer in timber or steel framed construction which provide substantial benefits to homeowners and builders. The Hebel? PowerWall? external wall system consists of Hebel? PowerPanels fixed vertically to horizontal battens attached to the load-bearing frame. Depending upon your application and requirements, Hebel PowerPanel comes in predominately 4 thicknesses that are all steel mesh reinforced - 75mm, 100mm, 125mm & 150 mm. Hebel can also produce Custom PowerPanels to suit Commercial applications.