Dulux AcraTex

Acrylic Texture Dulux AcraTex? is the acrylic texture system that protects against unsightly render cracking and staining. Keep your house looking great for longer. Today's style of architecture increasingly is moving towards "coloured render" style but what you may not know is that "rendered" house you're thinking of is actually a Dulux AcraTex Acrylic Texture system Or is it ? As an industry founder in the early 80's we can tell you that the genesis of our industry (Acrylic Texture) was actually the limitation and failings of cement renders resulting in the development of what we now know as Acrylic Texture Systems Those problems still exist today with cement render. Cement Renders are inherently hard and brittle - prone to cracking and efflorescence staining. Dulux AcraTex manufactures a range of trowel applied Acrylic Texture systems that deliver the contemporary render style your planning for but with Flexible Acrylic technology that won't crack and delaminate. If it's a coloured "rendered" look you've specified, ask your builder is he using Dulux AcraTex Acrylic Texture.