Wall & Flooring Systems

Buildpro has an extensive range of floor and wall systems for you to choose from when building or renovating. Our range consists of complete exterior wall systems, and has suitable options for both residential and commercial applications. Among the wall systems we carry include Hebel Uni and Baseboard, Hebel Powerfence, and Hebel Soundbarrier to feature wall cladding, which includes products more commonly referred to as Stacked Stone. The floor system we stock is Hebel PowerFloor, which is also suitable in both residential and commercial applications and particularly suits building designs for two stories or greater, on stumps or in hilly areas. We also have a range of architectural mouldings and wall render products to complement and finish off your project and help you achieve the architectural style you are seeking.


    Buildpro's range of exterior wall systems can basically be broken down into two categories - building application or fencing. Hebel PowerPanel and Uni Base Board are both suitable for residential and commercial building applications (products that can be used as an alternative or worked in with traditional bricks or block masonry designs). Buildpro's fencing wall system range includes Hebel Powerfence - an option when looking at boundary fencing and Hebel Soundbarrier - an option when looking at eliminating external noise emanating from roads, freeways, railways or industrial sites.


    Buildpro, has an extensive range of wall renders and with expert advice, can help you select the right product for the surface you are going to apply to in order to achieve your desired outcome.


    Buildpro, the exterior building supply professionals have a range of architectural mouldings that can help create the look of just about any architectural style that you are seeking or help in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings.


    Buildpro ranges the Hebel PowerFloor system, which is manufactured by CSR. Hebel PowerFloor is very unique in the fact that it is steel reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), quick to install and offers superb acoustics and thermal efficiencies. Hebel PowerFloor is ideal for first floor and suspended ground floors as well as decks and balconies.


    Hebel? PowerFence is an extremely versatile fence system that provides an effective noise barrier for residential applications. Perfect for boundary fencing as well as low front walls, Hebel? PowerFence provides a modular masonry structure using lightweight panels and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected without the need for extensive excavation or strip footings as is the case for traditional masonry wall construction. Hebel? PowerFence provides homeowners with substantial benefits. They are simple, cost effective, reflective noise barrier system and perfect for boundary fencing. They are an alternative to standard masonry for low front fences and they help keep the outside world out and your home and outdoor living areas peaceful and quiet, day and night. The range of wall profiles and looks gives you design freedom and flexibility and they are also fire resistant.


    Hebel? SoundBarrier Systems are a simple cost effective system using Hebel? AAC panels, resulting in significant reductions in noise levels such as those emanating from roads, freeways, railways and industrial sites. Hebel? SoundBarrier panels are available in two standard thicknesses that provide sound reductions of up to 43db. Other panel sizes can be made to order if greater noise reduction is required. SoundBarrier walls can be further enhanced by the addition of decorative post treatments, capping, routed patters or by affixing feature work to the face to create an attractive design.


    Looking for that point of difference, consider columns that can either be either core filled for structural purposes or just used as a decorative piece to add value and enhance your asset.


    Here at Buildpro we are known for the extensive array of bricks, roof tiles, wall cladding materials, concrete blocks plus many other of your building, renovating or landscaping needs. We first began our operations in 2004 and we now have 17 stores in Victoria plus several in the neighbouring states of South Australia and New South Wales. We have built solid relationships with many of the country's leading paver and brick suppliers such as Austral Bricks and Daniel Robertson plus other outdoor building product manufacturers who make flooring and wall systems as well as concrete and terracotta roof tiles. More Information From block walls, wall cladding to pool pavers, our friendly staff at Buidpro can help you with your outdoor building needs. Phone 1300 711 811 or make an enquiry online or drop by the Buildpro store nearest you.