Maison pavers are made from reconstituted sandstone which are superior to concrete pavers which can fade & bleach. Maison Pavers can be high pressure cleaned and are resistant to most chemical cleaners. Maison Pavers will actually improve over time, are not porous & brittle like real sandstone and also features a "grainy" texture ideal for wet areas.

  • PAVER - 500mmx500mmx50mm ROUND EDGE
  • PAVER - 600mmx600mmx50mm ROUND EDGE
  • PAVER - 750mmx500mmx50mm ROUND EDGE
  • PAVER - 500mmx500mmx50mm SQUARE EDGE
  • PAVER - 600mmx600mmx50mm SQUARE EDGE
  • PAVER - 750mmx500mmx50mm SQUARE EDGE