From concrete pavers to paving sealers, we have an extensive range of paving products that will ensure you can make a great looking and durable pavement. Our Buildpro stores have a range of sourced pavers on display in a way that is designed to help you make those important paving decisions and turn those ideas of yours into a valuable and long lasting reality. Here at Buildpro we understand that the decisions that you make about your paving needs are also ones about the long term and about improving the value of your property. Whether you seek small or large format pavers, square or rectangular in design, bullnose or dropdown pool coping pavers, Buildpro is your answer. With bluestone, ceramic, clay, granite, limestone, sandstone, travetine, terracotta and concrete pavers to choose from, we can help you get the right product for your home. To help construct your pavement we also have a broad range of building accessories such as adhesives and concrete paving sealers.


    Austral has over 100 years' experience capturing the natural beauty in Australasian clays and shales. Austral Pavers through an array of colours, finishes and designs created specifically with Australasian conditions and lifestyles in mind. Solid, striking and extremely versatile, they are an essential element of any landscaping design, guaranteed to inject effortless style into your project


    No matter if it is about roof tiles or wall systems, the Buildpro Group can provide you with the best quality products and advice. Buildpro is made up of an assembly of well-established and respectable businesses who specialize in the selection, supply and delivery of outdoor building products such as Austral bricks and Hebel lightweight masonry building products. So be it advice on choosing the right type of brick for building a retaining wall or about what water tank options we have available, the friendly and professional staff at Buildpro are on hand to provide you with assistance. For More InformationBe it about concrete pavers, paving sealers or any of your other paving needs please get in touch with one of our staff by phoning 1300 711 811, by making an online enquiry or through visiting the Buildpro store nearest you.


    Stone Outdoors Pavers & products have a unique subtle sand texture and come in a range of natural colours that enhance all designs from the contemporary through to the traditional. All of the products they offer are available in their entire product range. Their products are durable, comfortable underfoot, slip resistant and easily maintained. Classicstone achieve this with a wet-cast production method that binds blended sands, granulated stone and colour pigments. Their products are ideal for swimming pool surrounds, driveways, stairs, courtyards and indoor/outdoor areas.


    A range of composite paving products that are created from a blend of sands mined on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. The range specializes in handmade, original reconstituted sandstone pavers, pool coping, tables, columns and water features. The Paving products are ideal for use around chlorine or saltwater pools, its subtle appeal drawing on that part of Australian culture connecting sand with the sea.


    Adbri Masonry produces a large range of contemporary paving products to cater to all markets. This includes heavy duty pavers for industrial works, to an attractive range of internal and external architectural pavements and a vast array of practical paving products for use in residential landscaping and driveways.

  • HPC

    HPC are manufaturers of Concrete Pavers, ideal for Entrances, Pergola's, Patio's, Verandah's etc...


    Phoenix Stone sources Natural Stones from Australia and around the world. Their range predominantly concentrates on providing the consumer with a total stone solution for external paving applications. Their range consists of Basalt (Bluestone), Granite, Sanstone and Limestone.