Synthetic Grass

Buildpro has a range of synthetic grass on display for you to choose from. With today's varying climate and busy lifestyles, growing and maintaining a lawn can prove to be a difficult and ongoing challenge. If your preference is still to have a lawn then synthetic grass is something you should consider and is a very low maintenance option.


    MASTER - The darkest of the three lawns, with its rich green tone giving the Master a quite traditional look.


    PRO - A lush looking variety that is best described as being a medium shade of light to dark green. This grass also shares the interwoven underlay giving it a cushioned effect.


    SEASON MASTER - With a blended variety of coloured fibres giving the Season Master an autumnal appearance, this variety is the most realistic grass on the market to date.


    PUTTING GREEN - This is a high quality product introduced to suite the novice at home up to a professional sporting club. The absolute highest stitch rate makes the putting green a non-directional product, unlike others in its class. A wonderfully rich green colour that works extremely well when used against the other varieties.