The unique features of AB Aussie Vertical make construction of retaining walls simple yet strong and reliable making it ideal for any domestic project. AB Aussie Vertical has the versatility to allow for convex or concave curves, straight walls, right angle corners, steps and terraced walls. Any Allan Block? retaining system will transform a tired garden space into a modern outdoor area; you will be able to create and install gardening edging, to stylish courtyards. The natural looking finish of a split texture appearance gives the impression of natural stone with five earthy tones to choose from your backyard will be the envy of family and friends.

  • BLOCK AB Junior Vertical (216mm x 200mm x 240mm)
  • Block AB Aussie Vertical (435mm x 200mm x 240mm)
  • BLOCK AB C/stone Vert Short 300mmx200mmx196mm
  • BLOCK AB C/stone Vert Long 400mmx200mmx196mm
  • BLOCK AB C/stone Long 400mmx200mmx196mm
  • BLOCK AB Split Cap Short 216mmx80mmx245mm
  • BLOCK AB Split Cap Long 216mmx80mmx310mm
  • BLOCK AB Clas 435mmx200mmx305mm