Building Blocks

Buildpro, the exterior building supply professionals, have an extensive range of building blocks within their range. Whether you refer to these products as concrete blocks or block masonry, Buildpro source from leading manufacturers such as Hebel and Adbri Masonry, along with having direct access to Western Australian sandstone and limestone along with Mt Gambier limestone. So if you are contemplating a block wall for the front of your property or if you are planning to improve your existing wall systems, have a read below of some the possibilities that Buildpro provides:


    Buildpro have available a large and diverse range of masonry blocks in colours, textures and styles that will enable you to achieve that distinctive look you are searching for. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.


    CSR Panel Systems is Australia's leading manufacturer of Hebel? Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), an amazingly innovative building material that has been used in Europe for more than 60 years and in Australia for more than 18 years. AAC is a lightweight concrete that is formed into blocks and panels for a wide range of loadbearing and non-loadbearing construction applications. Hebel delivers the benefits of traditional masonry such as strength, acoustics, fire and pest resistance and is installed faster, saving valuable construction time. It has a unique combination of thermal mass and insulation providing a more comfortable living environment.


    Buildpro sources its limestone building blocks from one of the leading quarries in Western Australia. These are an absolutely stunning product that will set your home apart from the rest. The housing stone blocks are available in both diamond and quarry cut.