Daniel Robertson Bricks - Hawthorn Selections. When renowned Melbourne architect Robert Mills approached Daniel Robertson Australia, it was with a request to create a range just like the original 'handmade' English bricks. Robertson's were already producing a brick blend called Hawthorn Black which was developed for use in extensions to Melbourne's many Victorian homes, originally constructed from old Hawthorn brick. But Mills and his clients had a vision for a lighter version of these. So, together with Robertson's blending specialist, Mills and his clients created a custom blend. The Hawthorn range you see today is an extension of the original Hawthorn brick. These bricks are specifically used to recapture the old English charm that still remains a favourite in the contemporary world. The bricks continue to be available in the 900HB Hawthorn Black, 090HB Hawthorn Red, 900 Hawthorn Tan and 900 London as well as the standard range.

  • BRICK Hawthorn 76mm 009C Cambridge
  • BRICK Hawthorn 76mm 009DUL-G Dulwich Grey
  • BRICK Hawthorn 76mm 090HB Hawthorn Red
  • BRICK Hawthorn 76mm 900HB Hawthorn Black
  • BRICK Hawthorn 76mm 900HT Hawthorn Tan
  • BRICK Hawthorn 76mm 900LON London