Daniel Robertson

Daniel Robertson is a highly respected manufacturer of bricks and terracotta tiles. Daniel Robertson produce a variety of stylish products that will add charm and character to any building or outdoor setting.


    Daniel Robertson Bricks - Hawthorn Selections. When renowned Melbourne architect Robert Mills approached Daniel Robertson Australia, it was with a request to create a range just like the original 'handmade' English bricks. Robertson's were already producing a brick blend called Hawthorn Black which was developed for use in extensions to Melbourne's many Victorian homes, originally constructed from old Hawthorn brick. But Mills and his clients had a vision for a lighter version of these. So, together with Robertson's blending specialist, Mills and his clients created a custom blend. The Hawthorn range you see today is an extension of the original Hawthorn brick. These bricks are specifically used to recapture the old English charm that still remains a favourite in the contemporary world. The bricks continue to be available in the 900HB Hawthorn Black, 090HB Hawthorn Red, 900 Hawthorn Tan and 900 London as well as the standard range.


    Daniel Robertson Bricks - Romans 50mm. The Daniel Robertson Roman 50mm brick remains a popular choice for its remarkable quality and appearance. The Roman brick range was developed when clients noticed the bricks in ancient buildings in Europe and in old English estates were slimmer than the Australian standard. The thinner European brick was only 50mm in height so more bricks can be used on the face of a wall than the standard 75mm brick.


    Daniel Robertson Bricks - Traditonal 76mm Selections. Daniel Robertson has long been a leader in the industry for its commitment to producing unique and reliable clay bricks. The rough appearance of the brick has been acquired through generations of developing and experimenting. What you see today is the finished product; a clay brick that has stood the test of time, that has helped build Australia into what we know it to be today, and which has captured the imaginations of architects and designers the world over. The standard 76mm brick are hand sorted and blended once it leaves the kiln, a practice that ensures Daniel Robertson blends maintain the tonal variance and aesthetic excellence they are famous for.