Austral Bricks

Austral Bricks is Australia's largest manufacturer of quality clay bricks, pavers and retaining walls. Austral Bricks have a proud history dating back over 100 years and have an extensive range of bricks that can bring your dream to reality.


    Austral Bricks Access Series. This smart series of bricks ticks all the right boxes and brings affordable, contemporary style to everyday living. With five fashionable colours to choose from, establishing an individual style in your new home couldn't be easier.


    Austral Bricks Burlesque Range. Available in six inspiring colours, Burlesque? Glazed Bricks will dress up any architectural project. Expose your inner Spirit, Make a Statement, Be Yourself, Be Burlesque?. Highly glazed, highly desirable, highly versatile, Burlesque? glazed bricks are here to entice your imagination to explore its outer limits.


    Austral Bricks Commons Range. Austral Bricks Purpose Made Commons combine the durability, strength and consistency of premium-quality clay bricks with the construction efficiencies you demand. Designed for today?s building and design environment, Austral Bricks Common bricks can make all the difference when it comes to meeting your construction needs. *Colour is not guaranteed.


    Austral Bricks Dynasty Range. Complement or contrast: the choice is yours with new Dynasty? Glazed Bricks. The soft glow of these five neutral colours sits beautifully with conventional bricks, in contrasting patterns, panels or as an accent architectural feature. Best of all, Dynasty? Glazed Bricks have the legendary long life and low maintenance needs that only clay bricks can offer.


    Austral Bricks Elements Range. The Elements Series are an impressive architectural range. Design conscious? You?ll love the Elements? Series. These are bricks like no others, with richly-glazed colours that shimmer and glow. Ideal for contemporary designs, the four colours of the Elements? Series look sensational on their own or in a composite facade design. Team Elements? bricks with conventional bricks, render, timber, stone and steel. Please note: All Elements? Series bricks are glazed on one stretcher face only and on a percentage of headers, in accordance with the Australian Standard. It is the bricklayer?s responsibility to ensure the glazed stretcher faces and headers are displayed in the wall.


    Austral Bricks Governors Range. Austral Bricks pride themselves on being one of the few manufacturers of authentic sandstock bricks in Australia. The Austral Bricks Governors? range of sandstocks is crafted with all the traditions and experience that only one of Australia's largest and most experienced brick maker can offer. Like the first sandstocks made in colonial times, Governors? are solid with a double facing; only authentic sandstock have these unique features. What makes a sandstock brick different to a normal brick is in the forming process. The soft clay clot is firstly rolled in sand prior to being "thrown" into a mould called a stock, hence sand-stock.


    Austral Bricks Harvest Range. These natural bricks are reminiscent of Australia's wide open spaces and are available in a pure, contemporary colour palette. Rustically accented with an earthy texture, the Harvest Series complements a wide range of modern materials and design styles. These contemporary classics are available in a palette of four colour blends - Malt, Buckwheat, Linseed and Cotton. Lightly accented with random texture, the Harvest Series complements a wide range of modern colours, materials and design styles.


    Austral Bricks Homestead Range. For clean, simple, honest clay colours, view the Homestead? range. Austral Bricks have developed a lightly textured, cut face brick with a medium distribution of black frit over the face and headers. This will help maintain uniform colour in the brick and add to the interest created from the brick's natural texture. Austral Bricks believe the bricks complement each other superbly, achieving styles like the popular Federation look with a banding of red, cream and tan. From your first home through to an elaborate family home, Austral Bricks Homestead? range is perfect for any residential project.


    Austral Bricks Melbourne 76 Series. The Melbourne Range is one of the emerging stars in Austral Bricks brick range. This range, originally designed to blend in with the established housing in Melbourne's middle suburbs, has far exceeded our expectations and is now one of the most popular bricks on the market. The colour variation, blueing, bar marks and soft rolled edges are reminiscent of the bricks used during the early part of the century to build Melbourne's most prestigious suburbs. We also offer a complementary range of shaped bricks to create unique architectural features.

  • AUSTRAL BRICKS - Nubrick Pressed

    Austral Bricks - Classic 230 Series. In a homogeneous world, it's refreshing to find a truly authentic product. The rich colours shown here are as natural as the minerals they are made from, their timeless character and individual appeal coming from their composition, forming and firing. These solid, honest bricks will maintain their appeal and durability for generations to come.


    Austral Bricks Settlers Range. The Settlers Series are the core of Austral Bricks Wirecut brick range. The blue hearting and gentle colour variation that are inherent in these bricks, gives a timeless appeal making them ideal for almost any house. From the Lawson, one of Austral Bricks most popular bricks, to the strength of the La Trobe, the Settlers? will add class to your home.


    Austral Bricks Symmetery Range. This range of modern colours is perfect for both large and small projects & decorative brickwork. Austral Bricks Symmetry? Range of bricks have an ultra smooth finish that will give your buildings the sharp and sophisticated look they deserve.